It’s the Schools: They Shape Neighborhoods and Economic Growth

It’s been said, “It’s the economy, Stupid!” But perhaps in the case of successful schools and their direct impact on our economy- neighborhoods, housing market, and businesses- it should be changed to “It’s the schools, Stupid!”

School choice can help communities develop and expand as parents see that educational options exist within their own neighborhoods.

Originally posted as Yes, Yes, and Yes! Schools do Influence Property Values

Early on in my career I had buyers that were transferred from city to city every three years or so. One of their comments was that every time they moved they always asked the agent to show them properties in the best school districts. Being a brand-new agent, I couldn’t see the connection at the time. As time went on, I had listing after listing fail to get the offer because the purchaser went to other parts of the county for better school districts. Then, I got it! Boy, did I get it! There’s no question that some other parts of Cobb County have schools with great reputations, but what they don’t have is location, location, location. Smyrna hovers right at the perimeter with great access to major arteries which lead to Atlanta, Buckhead, the airport, and don’t forget points north – opposite incoming traffic.

I’ve found over the years that our little corner of the world attracts a lot of young professionals that work downtown or spend time going to the airport. Why wouldn’t it? The commute is great and socially, there is just about anything that you’d like to do here – not to mention that you can get a much more house for your money here than you can in other areas. But then we (I always say “we” – as though I’m right there with you in your house) get married and have a family and the race to better schools begins. Now don’t get me wrong! I love selling houses and I love it even better when I get to sell one in Smyrna and then help someone buy one somewhere else, but I hate losing our nice young families.

Recently I’ve spoken to several families who are on their way out, and it’s disappointing to me. Rather than lose these fine families to another area, I made the suggestion that they join with other friends of theirs who feel the same way. Perhaps a group of involved parents working with the administration can bring our schools up to the “perceived level of desirability of some of these other schools.”….

I don’t know what the solution for your family will be, but I can say for sure if our school system in Smyrna had the reputation of some of the other Cobb County Schools, our housing values would be over the top, and I would probably be out of a job – because no one would move!

-Gina Bridges

from Smyrna-Vinings Patch


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