Georgia Charter Schools Yield Improvements in Education


The 2012 CRCT results are in and reveal reason for hope for students in Georgia who may have struggled in traditional classroom settings. Because parent-led public charter schools are designed to meet the individualized needs of students and offer the opportunity for parents to choose the school environment that best matches their child, students in Georgia are thriving in many public charter schools.

The AJC commented on some of the CRCT results for Georgia’s public schools, including public charter schools:

At Amana Academy, a Roswell charter school, all tested eighth-graders met or exceeded the standard in reading, math and social studies.

Fulton Science Academy Middle School, in the news recently because an audit raised questions about the charter school’s management and the school district refused to extend its charter, saw all of its eighth-graders meet or exceed the standard in reading, English/language arts and social studies. It became a private school July 1….

In Atlanta Public Schools, Charles R. Drew Charter School’s third-graders all met or exceeded the standard in reading and English/language arts and performed strongly in other subject areas.

Moms for School Choice also applauds the great testing results on the CRCT by students at Cherokee Charter Academy! These students are winners who are now thriving in the public charter school designed and demanded by the parents of Cherokee County. Hats off to these fantastic students who demonstrated that all it takes is a chance to work hard and school choice!

*100 percent of students met and exceeded standards in seventh grade language arts
*99 percent met and exceeded standards in third grade reading.
“We are very proud,” principal Vanessa Suarez said. “The faculty and students worked very hard this year.”

The school, which was delayed in opening, outperformed the state in all areas but one. When comparing the scores to the local Cherokee County School District, Cherokee Charter Academy outperformed or tied its district counterparts nearly 80 percent of the time while remaining within 3 percentage points of the district in four of the five remaining areas. In fifth grade, Cherokee Charter Academy students achieved higher results 100 percent of the time.

“We set the bar high for our students, they grabbed it and ran with it,” Suarez said.


One thought on “Georgia Charter Schools Yield Improvements in Education

  1. My daughter attended FSA. The administration, teachers and staff were outstanding. They didn’t teach to the test, but instead taught my daughter how to adapt her learning model to be successful beyond our expectations. FSAMS was well run and met the definition–letter and spirit–of what a charter school is supposed to be… in countless ways FSA provided a STEM program that is needed and they did it with integrity as well as in a way that was responsive to parents.

    It is a shame that the FCBOE rushed to release a poorly prepared report and called it an audit. And, in the process FBCOE released students names in violation of federal statues. The report has been disputed by a nationally recognized audit firm in favor of FSAMS. Unfortunately the correction isn’t getting the air time the FCBOE report got with the media.

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