Won’t Back Down Is What America Is Really About


Originally posted at http://ponytailpatriots.blogspot.com/2012/09/wont-hold-back-is-what-america-is.html

The American spirit of determination and sacrifice in order to secure a brighter future for our children is alive and well. At least according to the movie Won’t Back Down. I went to see the movie at a special sneak peek in Atlanta last night. And the moment the screen filled with the image of a little girl struggling to read a simple sentence on the chalkboard, I knew I was seeing a rare and beautiful gem from Hollywood.

My emotions ran the gamut through the movie. At times I cried for the child struggling to keep up and the mom who just wanted something better for her. I felt the hopelessness of teachers struggling with rules and regulations from the local school board and the union. I felt the anger of feeling like I couldn’t speak up without losing my job and the anger of a mother who dared to ask for help only to be rebuffed in every way imaginable. I lived those moments of thinking “Why bother?” when seemingly never ending hurdles were placed in the path of those wanting to make a difference. And I rejoiced in the triumph of succeeding against all odds.

Won’t Back Down is the story of a broken education system. It was presented in a non-partisan and fair way. Parents, teachers, bureaucrats, and union leaders were all equally to blame for children slipping through the cracks. A sense of apathy and an unwillingness to change the status quo kept a “failing school” open and drained the opportunities that would allow a better future for the children. But one parent stood up and said, “NO MORE!” A teacher said, “I will do better. I will work harder.” And in the end, a community came together to win a battle that would turn a “failing school” into a “winning school”.

I walked out of that theater last night with the sense that this is what our Forefathers had in mind when writing the Constitution. This is movie personified our First Amendment right to free speech, peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances. I thought to myself, “This is what being an American is all about. Standing up and fighting against a wrong to make it right and defending those who can’t defend themselves.” I can’t express everything I would like to when it comes to this movie but I can tell you that it is a MUST SEE. It will make you take a closer look at the education system in America, you’ll look closer at your local officials, and you’ll remember that it only takes ONE VOICE to affect change.


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